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Vista Curved Systems (MCFT)

Vista Curved Systems (MCFT)
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Vista Curved Systems (MCFT)

Vista System International is a world leader in modular signage technology. The Vista system provides all the benefits of a modular and customizable system while meeting the unique requirements of each signage need. It offers a full range of solutions for all types of projects: wall plates, hanging panels, flags, totems, directories and directional panels, easels, triptychs ... both indoors and outdoors.

  • One system to carry out all your projects;
  • Modern and contemporary design;
  • Simple to use and easy to update and maintain by yourself;
  • A modular system where standard units can be combined and assembled according to different projects;
  • Optimal flexibility, with a wide variety of widths and types of profiles;
  • Curved to keep the inserted material in place only by its tension;
  • Resistant to vandalism;
  • Easy to install;
  • Customizable by all kinds of methods: engraving, vinyl, digital printing, etc.
  • Customizable with all kinds of supports: plastic, metals, paper, laminate, faux wood, etc
  • Model: MCFT
  • Series: Vista
  • Minimum Quantity: 1
  • Production time: 20 jours ouvrables
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